Another Opinion on Girlboss.


Last weekend, I binge-watched the new Netflix series, Girlboss, in one day. So I guess you could say I liked it.

The show is a semi-autobiographical depiction of Sophia Amoruso’s, the real life Girlboss, entrepanerial rise of her vintage fashion brand Nasty Gal from its inception in 2006, when it was just a lowly ebay stored where she ‘flipped’ clothes. The then-23 year old Sophia just wanted to not work for anyone else anymore, and so she almost by accident became her own boss.

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4 Shows From My Teens | #LazyBlogging

Do you have any particular TV shows that you unashamedly love, even if you know they’re not perfect? That even though they are arguably cheesy and borderline mediocre, you know that you’ll always love them, and always make time for them if you come across a re-run on TV? I’ve complied a small list of TV shows that fill me with nostalgia and give me a sense of the warm fuzzies, as I think back to a simpler time where I didn’t have real-life adult problems to think about.

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The Fear.

Have you ever watched that episode of Friends when Joey and Chandler talk about ‘the fear’?

Rachel expresses her exasperation of working as a waitress at the coffeehouse for so long, when all she wants to do is work in the fashion industry. Joey tells her how it is: as long as she has this job, there’s nothing pushing her to get another one, and that she needs ‘the fear.’ Chandler goes on to explain that  if she quits this job, then she’ll have the motivation to go after a job she really wants.


RACHEL: Well, then how come you’re still at a job that you hate? I mean, why don’t you quit and get ‘the fear’?

CHANDLER: Because, I’m too afraid.

I think we can all related to this situation in one way or another. I, for one, lean a little more towards Chandler’s perspective. Not that I hate my job by any means; it may not be what I envisioned myself doing, but I certainly don’t want to quit. But, I will admit, that I live my life with too much fear.

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