Adventures in Dating 9: A Stand-Up Special.

I matched with H after he liked one of my pictures that was essentially a family portrait I took of myself and the cats when we first got them as tiny kittens. I looked through his profile where he had a picture of himself with daisies laced through his beard and I commented back: “Daisy beard is a strong look!”

He replied that my ‘smile game’ was strong, which is the first compliment of it’s kind that I had ever heard. I noticed early on that his way of messaging was… irritating. Lots of short messages one after another, and too many ellipses where they weren’t necessary. But, I gave him the benefit of the doubt and gave him my number when he asked for it.

I could tell from his profile that he was a comedian – one of his profile pictures was, after all, of him against a brick wall with a microphone in hand. If that wasn’t telling enough, there was another photo where he was wearing a sign that said ‘don’t feed the comedian’. I asked him about it.

“Only at nighttime,” he said, “during the day I’m in meetings that take up most of my Tuesday.”

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Sara Pascoe: Animal.


Yesterday, Wednesday 9th June 2016, I went to see Sara Pascoe perform at The Leadmill in Sheffield.

Some background: Sara Pascoe is a stand-up comedian I’ve recently discovered through YouTuber Hannah Witton’s video, Are We Sexually Liberated? If you haven’t watched it, I really recommend that you do. It’s a really funny, clever video that’s just two women chatting about sexuality and feminism is a super casual way.

Straight after watching that video, I went into full-on research mode as I made it my quest to learn all about Sara Pascoe. I read articles she’d written for the Guardian, the Independent and Standard Issue Magazine. Her book, Animal: The Autobiography of a Female Body, went straight onto my TBR pile. And, of course, I watched her stand up clips on YouTube, and quickly realised, oh yeah! I have seen her before on Live at the Apollo! Needless to say, I’m now in love with Sara Pascoe.

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