Captial ‘W’.

Hello, my darlings, I have missed you. Yes, you. And you. But especially you, *winks*
I’m here to regale you of my tales since my last post, because let me tell you, I’ve been busy. Mainly busy sleeping, as of late, because November as a month was MAD, and December in general is also mad, so it’s taken a lot out of me.

Firstly, let’s get it out of the way – I wrote 35,127 words towards my novel in November! I know it’s not the 50,000 I needed to qualify as a NaNoWriMo winner, but in my eyes I still won. Because 1) I’ve beaten my personal best in my history with NaNo (I usually tap out at 20,000 words, if that), and 2) look at all of these word I have to play with when it comes to editing down the line!

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I May Not Finish – But That’s Okay.

I don’t know if anyone has ever told you this, but writing is hard. You know what’s even harder? Writing a 50,000 word novel in a month. That’s an average  of 1,667 words per day – basically an essay’s worth of writing, per day, for 30 days. It is currently day 23 of NaNoWriMo, and we’re only a week until the end of the road. How quickly a month passes by!

At the time of writing this, I have just surpassed the 33,000 words mark, and that’s wonderful. It’s a fantastic milestone to hit, especially since I absolutely flew past personal best in NaNo history (in past years, I usually tap out at the 20,000 mark). But oh boy, was it hard to come by.

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I have risen from my figurative grave to let you know that yes, I am indeed alive. I took a little impromptu blogging break without meaning to, for many different reasons which I won’t get into right now, but I will tell you this: I was, and have been feeling, like my blog had been getting a bit stale lately.

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The Fear.

Have you ever watched that episode of Friends when Joey and Chandler talk about ‘the fear’?

Rachel expresses her exasperation of working as a waitress at the coffeehouse for so long, when all she wants to do is work in the fashion industry. Joey tells her how it is: as long as she has this job, there’s nothing pushing her to get another one, and that she needs ‘the fear.’ Chandler goes on to explain that  if she quits this job, then she’ll have the motivation to go after a job she really wants.


RACHEL: Well, then how come you’re still at a job that you hate? I mean, why don’t you quit and get ‘the fear’?

CHANDLER: Because, I’m too afraid.

I think we can all related to this situation in one way or another. I, for one, lean a little more towards Chandler’s perspective. Not that I hate my job by any means; it may not be what I envisioned myself doing, but I certainly don’t want to quit. But, I will admit, that I live my life with too much fear.

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