Versatile Blogger Award.


I’m not gonna lie, I’m writing this the night before it’s due to be published. Usually, last-minute blogging is no stranger to me, in fact I would consider myself very much an expert at it. But in a surprising turn of events, and organisation, I had actually scheduled in the last two weeks of content of my blog in advance.

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What I Learnt from #LazyBlogging

#LazyBlogging is definitely the best thing I have ever done for my blog. It has pushed me to create more content, post on an actual schedule and just generally become more organised.

Not only that, but I’ve made two incredible friends in Katie and Jess! I won’t lie, as much as I love the blogging community, I always felt a bit disconnected still, like I was missing my ‘tribe’. But those days are behind me, and I’m so glad to call these two awesome ladies my friends. They’re the two best cheerleaders anyone could ask for, this project wouldn’t be anything without these two lovely ladies helping me organise (and keeping things fun as we go-off topic while trying to organise!)

I’ve picked up some tips and come up with methods that best suit me for blogging, which I wanted to share with you all.

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Travel Bucket List | #LazyBlogging

When I was younger, it felt like I was doing a lot more travelling than I am now. Having parents from different countries, and family all over the world, it felt like I was constantly jetting off somewhere cool and exciting. From Portugual to Switzerland to Finland, even Brazil at one point, there was always a new adventure to be had.

In recent years, I’m unfortunately not getting around as much anymore. Now that I’m a fully fledged adult who works and is in charge of her own money, it’s actually quite hard to scrape together the pennies and get the time off work to explore the world properly. That doesn’t stop me from dreaming though, so I thought I’d share with you all my top destinations that I’ve always dreamed of going.

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3 Things I Do When Feeling Anxious | #LazyBlogging

As I mentioned before in my post about being bad at socialising, I suffer from anxiety. Though it does very much affect me in my daily life, most days it is manageable and I am able to float through life without worrying about it too much.

However, life is full of ups and downs, and with that come some particularly bad episodes of anxiety and/or panic attacks. Here are just a few little things I do when I feel my anxiety has gotten the better of me.

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First Year of University: What I’d Do Differently | #LazyBlogging

As results day in the UK looms for all the anxious teens awaiting their results, determining whether they get the right grades for their chosen universities, I’ve been thinking back on my own experience as a fresh-faced 18-year-old, eagerly awaiting their new life at university. That’s five whole years ago now! Where has the time gone?!

I grew up in Brighton, which as towns go, is a pretty great place to live. And I’m not saying that because Zoella and various other bloggers and YouTubers live there now, Brighton has always been pretty damn cool. And as much as I’ve always loved Brighton,  was always super eager to get away and go up north for university. I’ve had a weird fascination with Manchester since I was about 14, and all because I was obsessed with a series that Sarra Manning wrote, about a girl from Brighton who’s parents relocated to Manchester at the start of her A Levels. (It’s the Diary of a Crush trilogy, in case you wanted to look it up. While they are well out of my age range now, I still hold these books close to my heart)

Anyway, back to my original point. I was so looking forward to starting university, and when I actually started, I was a bit… underwhelmed. Everyone talks about how their first year of uni was the most fun, it was so great and they wish they could do it all again if they could. I, on the other hand, had a very different experience. I consider my first year of university to be my least favourite, due to matters out of my control, but there could have been some things I could have done better. I’ve complied a small list of things I would have done differently.

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