Introverted Thoughts on a Night Out.

Disclaimer: This post was written as a trial for a nightlife blog that was just launching. They wanted different folks to write about all aspects of nightlife, from what to wear, where to go, what booze to drink and the best hangover cure. They wanted all sorts of different writers so that their content could be as varied and diverse as possible. It was also a paid position. A paid position! Not much, mind you, but if I got it, I could finally get my foot in the door and start calling myself a freelance writer. 

Except, despite me getting it sent well before our agreed deadline, the guy never got back to me, even when I sent him another email a few days later to give him a polite nudge. Oh well, can’t miss what you didn’t have. So I’m whacking it on my own blog – I hope you guys like it!

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I’m Bad at Socalising.

Whimsicella talks about finding socialising difficult as an anxious introvert

I’m going to address the elephant that’s been in the room for most of my life: I’m bad at socialising. And it’s getting worse with age.

Don’t get me wrong, I have friends and can make pleasant small talk with strangers. Having said that, as an introvert, I hate small talk and will avoid it whenever possible. With friends, I am lively and opinionated and (occasionally) the life of the party. Although at work, I eer on the side of caution, I keep my head down and just get on with my work.

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