The Balance of Letting It Go.


I had a situation happen today. Nothing dramatic. In fact, it was quite minuscule compared to most actual, real-life problems, but it still bothered me.

You see, I have a friend with whom I share lots of quips with back and forth on a daily basis. Some call this ‘witty repartee’, others call it ‘banter’; I’ll leave it up to you to decide what synonym to use. In this exchange, we often have fake arguments, safe in the fact that we know that the other person is only messing around, in a playful, light-hearted manner.

This same friend is also in the habit of recommending me music to listen to. This is on the basis that I previously mentioned not being very good at discovering new music these days. I don’t actively seek it out, and I don’t listen to the charts, so unless I come across it organically, ie. by discovering it on a TV show/film/YouTube video/podcast, or by recommendation of a friend, I tend to listen to the same stuff pretty much on repeat.

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Introverted Thoughts on a Night Out.

Disclaimer: This post was written as a trial for a nightlife blog that was just launching. They wanted different folks to write about all aspects of nightlife, from what to wear, where to go, what booze to drink and the best hangover cure. They wanted all sorts of different writers so that their content could be as varied and diverse as possible. It was also a paid position. A paid position! Not much, mind you, but if I got it, I could finally get my foot in the door and start calling myself a freelance writer. 

Except, despite me getting it sent well before our agreed deadline, the guy never got back to me, even when I sent him another email a few days later to give him a polite nudge. Oh well, can’t miss what you didn’t have. So I’m whacking it on my own blog – I hope you guys like it!

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Weekend in Brighton.

I was fully intending for this post to be a super fun account of my weekend in Brighton, recounting all the tales that happened over the three days, and to have the appropriate pictures to accompany them. And while I do still have a gorgeous stream of photos to share with you all, I ended up getting a little more sentimental, and a lot less tour-brochure than I intended. I hope you enjoy it regardless.

Bank holidays are such a joy when you work full-time. Finally, three whole days to do as you please, and work becomes a dim and distant memory. At the end of August, three friends, my boyfirend and I moseyed on down to Brighton for a weekend of sun, seaside and debaucherous frolics. In the days leading up to it, it dawned on my that my Sheffield and Brighton friends had never met. And that made me a little bit nervous.

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Heatherbel Creations.

We’re definitely seeing a 90s resurgence at the minute. It seems like just about everyone is feeling nostalgic for the decade that was all about chokers, baggy Mom jeans, jelly shoes, double denim, and TV shows like Full House and Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

As someone born in the early 90s, a big part of my childhood was spent watching Disney films on our well-loved VHS player. My favourites being the Lion King (1 & 2 equally, which seems to shock a lot of people!), I used to love rewinding the tapes so that I could watch my favourite bits over and over, and fast forwarding to skip over any sad or scary moments. I still remember a time of looking forward to it being Friday, because that meant going to the library or video store (Blockbuster, anyone?!) to rent films to watch over the weekend, and watching them as many times as possible before returning them on a Monday.

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