Heatherbel Creations.

We’re definitely seeing a 90s resurgence at the minute. It seems like just about everyone is feeling nostalgic for the decade that was all about chokers, baggy Mom jeans, jelly shoes, double denim, and TV shows like Full House and Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

As someone born in the early 90s, a big part of my childhood was spent watching Disney films on our well-loved VHS player. My favourites being the Lion King (1 & 2 equally, which seems to shock a lot of people!), I used to love rewinding the tapes so that I could watch my favourite bits over and over, and fast forwarding to skip over any sad or scary moments. I still remember a time of looking forward to it being Friday, because that meant going to the library or video store (Blockbuster, anyone?!) to rent films to watch over the weekend, and watching them as many times as possible before returning them on a Monday.

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