The Balance of Letting It Go.


I had a situation happen today. Nothing dramatic. In fact, it was quite minuscule compared to most actual, real-life problems, but it still bothered me.

You see, I have a friend with whom I share lots of quips with back and forth on a daily basis. Some call this ‘witty repartee’, others call it ‘banter’; I’ll leave it up to you to decide what synonym to use. In this exchange, we often have fake arguments, safe in the fact that we know that the other person is only messing around, in a playful, light-hearted manner.

This same friend is also in the habit of recommending me music to listen to. This is on the basis that I previously mentioned not being very good at discovering new music these days. I don’t actively seek it out, and I don’t listen to the charts, so unless I come across it organically, ie. by discovering it on a TV show/film/YouTube video/podcast, or by recommendation of a friend, I tend to listen to the same stuff pretty much on repeat.

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Weekend in Brighton.

I was fully intending for this post to be a super fun account of my weekend in Brighton, recounting all the tales that happened over the three days, and to have the appropriate pictures to accompany them. And while I do still have a gorgeous stream of photos to share with you all, I ended up getting a little more sentimental, and a lot less tour-brochure than I intended. I hope you enjoy it regardless.

Bank holidays are such a joy when you work full-time. Finally, three whole days to do as you please, and work becomes a dim and distant memory. At the end of August, three friends, my boyfirend and I moseyed on down to Brighton for a weekend of sun, seaside and debaucherous frolics. In the days leading up to it, it dawned on my that my Sheffield and Brighton friends had never met. And that made me a little bit nervous.

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Tattoo FAQs | #LazyBlogging

I have a few tattoos, seven to be exact. In fact, I am trying to work my way to get a full sleeve on my left arm. And what with most of my tattoos being quite visible, and me supposedly being ‘not the type of girl that would get tattoos’, I often get questions about them. I thought I’d compile a list of the questions I get most, and what I think of them.

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