I’ve been ‘busy’…

I've been busy drinking coffee, watching Netflix and pretending to be busy

So, it’s been a while.

One thing that I find super annoying is when bloggers, youtubers or general internetpersons haven’t posted on their chosen medium for a while, and then when they do, take up a hot minute to explain why they have been absent for so long. “Omigod, you guys, I have just been soooo busy!”

Well, I’mma do the thing I hate, but with a twist.

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Crisis poem mac cactus

She stared wistfully at the computer screen

Endless images of tropical locales reproduced from her Google search

She frantically closed down the tab as her boss walked past

And pretended to look deeply interested that the spreadsheet in front of her

Which was, quite frankly, just a vomit of numbers

One day, she thought

One day I’ll break free into paradise


This is part of my creative writing series, Shorts. This lil piece was a result of a writing exercise from the Superlatively Rude Level Two workshop, The Nuts And Bolts of Moving Stories Forward. More little snippets to come soon!

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