The Blogger Recognition Award.


I’ve always had a weird relationship to blogger tags. I think, on the whole, a lot of them are uninspired, and don’t really procide material I would usually read. That’s not me poo-pooing on them, at least not intentionally; I’ve been tagged in these kind of posts before, and I’m always so so grateful to be thought of. But I have given myself a rule not to put anything on my blog that didn’t feel natural.

So thank you to Grace, for mentioning me in this tag, with a bit of a twist. It certainly is great fodder while I’m stuck in this blogging slump.

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I’ve been ‘busy’…

I've been busy drinking coffee, watching Netflix and pretending to be busy

So, it’s been a while.

One thing that I find super annoying is when bloggers, youtubers or general internetpersons haven’t posted on their chosen medium for a while, and then when they do, take up a hot minute to explain why they have been absent for so long. “Omigod, you guys, I have just been soooo busy!”

Well, I’mma do the thing I hate, but with a twist.

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More Podcasts to Listen to.

More podcasts you should subscribe to
Back in August, I wrote a little post delving into my journey with podcasts called 5 Podcasts You Should Listen To, and this time I am back to tell you about some more.

I’ve really taken to this form of media. It reminds me of my childhood and early teens, when I would turn on the radio to tune into Southern FM’s daily breakfast show (any Brighton natives remember Danny and Nicky in the Morning?). Hearing the bright chirpy voices was a great start to the day. However, as I got older, I started to favour listening to music or watching YouTube.

Podcasts are great, because they give you a chance to consume something as passively or actively as you want. I not only listen to podcasts when I travel, but when I’m cooking or cleaning, before I fall asleep, or even just in my bedroom when I feel like closing my eyes for a bit and not have to endure the silent abyss.

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Versatile Blogger Award.


I’m not gonna lie, I’m writing this the night before it’s due to be published. Usually, last-minute blogging is no stranger to me, in fact I would consider myself very much an expert at it. But in a surprising turn of events, and organisation, I had actually scheduled in the last two weeks of content of my blog in advance.

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