Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I’m Ella and I’ll be your cruise director. Yes, that is a completely accurate portrait of me.

I’ve had a fascination with writing and language ever since I was given a pink Barbie typewriter when I was eight years old. Writing stories on it gave me such incredible joy, which only grew when I upgraded to the family computer some years later. For as long as I can remember, I have always had several notebooks placed in all corners of the house, filled with ideas, quotes and snapshots of narrative.

I’m not charismatic, I have two left feet, and I’m no good with my hands, so words have always been my form of escapism.

This blog is not content specific. It’s a personal essays, book reviews, film rants, introverted musings – basically anything that peaks my interest at any given time. This is my creative outlet to share things I love, and to prove that even a simple life can have a little bit of whimsy. I hope you enjoy the ride.

Other places on the ‘net you can find me:

Follow me on all social media @whimsicella. For business enquiries, or just to have a natter, email me at whimsicalella@gmail.com.


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