Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I’m Ella and I’ll be your cruise director. (I promise I’m not miserable in that photo, it’s just my Resting Bitch Face!)

I’ve had a fascination with writing and language ever since I was given a pink Barbie typewriter when I was eight years old. Writing stories on it gave me such incredible joy, that only grew when I upgraded to the family computer some years later. For as long as I can remember, I have always had several notebooks placed in all corners of the house, filled with ideas, quotes and snapshots of narrative.

I’m not charismatic, I have two left feet, and I’m no good with my hands, so words have always been my form of escapism.

This blog is not content specific. It’s a personal essays, book reviews, film rants, introverted musings – basically anything that peaks my interest at any given time. This is my creative outlet to share things I love, and to prove that even a simple life can have a little bit of whimsy. I hope you enjoy the ride.

Other places on the ‘net you can find me:

Follow me on all social media @whimsicella. For business enquiries, or just to have a natter, email me at whimsicalella@gmail.com.


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