The Blogger Recognition Award.


I’ve always had a weird relationship to blogger tags. I think, on the whole, a lot of them are uninspired, and don’t really procide material I would usually read. That’s not me poo-pooing on them, at least not intentionally; I’ve been tagged in these kind of posts before, and I’m always so so grateful to be thought of. But I have given myself a rule not to put anything on my blog that didn’t feel natural.

So thank you to Grace, for mentioning me in this tag, with a bit of a twist. It certainly is great fodder while I’m stuck in this blogging slump.

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Sick of it.

“Everyone knows that if you’re born with a vagina, creepy dudes are just a part of the deal.” Denise, Master of None (S1EP7)

A few weeks ago, Vix Meldrew asked the women of Twitter to share stories of being followed or harassed by men. After recently watching Season 2 of Master of None, I’ve been rewatching Season 1 and was reminded of this particular line.

When I was 18, I was at home in Brighton during a uni break. We lived quite centrally, really close to the station, and town was just a stone’s throw away. I was walking home after some drinks with friends – it wasn’t particularly late, maybe 9 or 10pm – and as I was walking down my street, I noticed a guy at the other end coming towards me. No big deal usually. Usually. I was expecting us to just cross paths swiftly, like you would with any other stranger. But literally the millisecond before I turned to walk up the path to my door, he stopped me.

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