More Podcasts to Listen to.

More podcasts you should subscribe to
Back in August, I wrote a little post delving into my journey with podcasts called 5 Podcasts You Should Listen To, and this time I am back to tell you about some more.

I’ve really taken to this form of media. It reminds me of my childhood and early teens, when I would turn on the radio to tune into Southern FM’s daily breakfast show (any Brighton natives remember Danny and Nicky in the Morning?). Hearing the bright chirpy voices was a great start to the day. However, as I got older, I started to favour listening to music or watching YouTube.

Podcasts are great, because they give you a chance to consume something as passively or actively as you want. I not only listen to podcasts when I travel, but when I’m cooking or cleaning, before I fall asleep, or even just in my bedroom when I feel like closing my eyes for a bit and not have to endure the silent abyss.

I also like that podcasts are the people’s media. Unlike radio and TV where you have to spend months and years to get up the ladder to get your own show, literally anyone can record a podcast and upload it onto the interwebs for everyone to enjoy. That means you have access so many different genres, from news, to comedy, to film to feminism, and as an audience we can pick and choose what information we want to consume,how much, how little, and how often. I think there’s something really powerful to that, a choice away from mainstream media, and I’ll definitely be seeking out different podcasts for years to come.

Anyway, here’s some more podcasts I’ve been listening to lately.


Ctrl Alt Delete – Emma Gannon

After recently reading Emma Gannon’s book of the same title (review to come soon), I realised that she also had a podcast called Ctrl Alt Delete, where she interviewed various internet people to speak about their jobs and how the internet impacted their lives growing up, and how it influences what they do today. It’s super great and she has had a whole host of my internet faves on the show, from Megan Gilbride (Wonderful You) to Zoella to Mara Wilson (of Matilda fame). It’s really interesting to hear about how the internet has affected each of these people’s lives, and even relating to some of the internet antics growing up (MSN, anyone?)


Soundtracking with Edith Bowman

This one is very recent but becoming a fast favourite. I remember Edith Bowman being kind of a Big Deal when I was a teenager, but I haven’t heard much from her in the past few years. I came across Sountracking when I found out that she interviewed Damien Chazelle and Justin Horowitz, the director and composer of La La Land, respectively. And we all know how I felt about La La Land. It was really great hearing about the music behind the film and Chazelle’s other works such as Whiplash, and remembered how much I enjoyed Bowman’s accent, that I listened to various other episodes of the podcast. This is a great one for any who loves music in relation to films, like me.

jules and sarah the podcast

Jules and Sarah the Podcast

This podcast literally feels like you’re sat chatting with two friends who make you cry-laugh to the point your stomach starts cramping. Jules and Sarah are two northerners living in London, who love to chat all about cheese, their parents, and news articles from little northern towns. I actually met Sarah in the Superlatively Rude writing workshop, and I didn’t realise for ages that she had a podcast. When I discovered this, I tweeted them both being like, ‘I just found your podcast as I’d run out of things to listen to, and I love it!’ and they actually read it out on the podcast. Only, it had not come across the way I intended, and they laughed at the fact I had made them out to be a last resort. Obviously, I was mortified, and quickly sent a follow up tweet explaining my foolish way with words. Of course, they didn’t take any offense and just found it incredibly hilarious, so I’m thankful to report that I have yet to start a feud.


How Did This Get Made?

I discovered this one through the Gilmore Guys podcast, as Jason Mantzoukas frequently guests on there. When I only heard about it anecdotally, I thought it would be a super deep podcast on how films actually get made, y’know, all the nitty-gritty behind the scenes stuff. In actual fact, this podcasts has the three hosts watch arguably terrible movies (ie. Burlesque, Crossroads, Twilight) and then rip on them for an hour. It’s hilarious. As aformentioned, Jason Mantzoukas is in it, as is June Diane Raphael (from Grace and Frankie, a great Netflix show), and her husband, comedian Paul Sheer.


Get It On with Dawn O’Porter

This one is also a relatively new find, but oh am I so glad I found it. I love Dawn O’Porter, she’s really cool and funny, and she’s also married to Chris ‘Roy from The IT Crowd’ O’Dowd, who is also a cool and funny person. In this podcast, she interviews her friends and other celebs (mostly British but she did have Mamrie Hart on it, another fave) about the things they wear. Surface level, it sounds kind of shallow, but it actually goes quite deep at times, broaching on topics from ethical manufacturing in fashion, to weight and how to feel confident in clothes in a world that demands you to be skinny. An episode she did with Dawn French gripped me particularly, where she spoke about weight and how she got to be so comfortable in her skin, and I just found it really touching. Again, this podcast has another ‘sitting with your mates having a chat’ feel, due to Dawn’s incredibly warm demeanour.

Do you have any podcast recommendations for me?

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3 thoughts on “More Podcasts to Listen to.

  1. I will definitely listen to these recommendations. I also like to listen to podcasts especially when I’m cleaning my room or going for a long drive. I listen to Nerdist a lot, and more recently Ear Biscuits. I agree that there really is a podcast that will suit every interest and every mood. It so fun to discover new ones every so often.

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