What I Learnt from #LazyBlogging

#LazyBlogging is definitely the best thing I have ever done for my blog. It has pushed me to create more content, post on an actual schedule and just generally become more organised.

Not only that, but I’ve made two incredible friends in Katie and Jess! I won’t lie, as much as I love the blogging community, I always felt a bit disconnected still, like I was missing my ‘tribe’. But those days are behind me, and I’m so glad to call these two awesome ladies my friends. They’re the two best cheerleaders anyone could ask for, this project wouldn’t be anything without these two lovely ladies helping me organise (and keeping things fun as we go-off topic while trying to organise!)

I’ve picked up some tips and come up with methods that best suit me for blogging, which I wanted to share with you all.

Get out of the bedroom.

Minds out of the gutters, please. But in all seriousness, before #LazyBlogging, I did all of my blogging from bed. Which usually meant accidentally napping while watching YouTube videos when I’m supposed to be planning a post! Even sat at my desk, my bedroom provides too many distractions, and it’s not until I took my laptop down to the living room one evening to work on blog stuff that I realised how much more productive I was when I wasn’t blogging from bed.

Calendars galore.

Google Calendars are your friend, especially when planning a group project like this. It’s great having a shared calendar so that you can mark up who posts when and insert your links. I also have a cute little diary where I write in my blog schedule, for extra emphasis. And as for the many Twitter chats I partake (including our very own #LazyChat, Fridays at 7pm!), I save them all on my phone. I’ll set them as reoccurring events (usually alternating every other week as to not overwhelm myself) and set a reminder half an hour before so that I’ll definitely remember to join.

Dump the draft.

What I mean by this is, rather than saving the first version of your post as draft, schedule it straight away. It doesn’t have to be for the next day, it could be for a couple of days time, or in a week. I found scheduling posts as I write them really helped me get them finished, as it gives the illusion of a deadline, and I felt more accountable for getting my posts finished. You don’t want half finished posts getting published, after all!

Trust your gut.

Having to post every three days meant that I had to dig through my draft archives for post ideas, and it turns out I had some pretty good ones that never saw the light of day. Having to churn out content so regularly meant that I didn’t have time to second guess myself, when I usually would when I didn’t have an obligation to post. My point is: don’t put something off because you don’t think it’s good enough. Get your work out there, you’ll thank yourself later!

All in all, I’m super proud of all that I’ve achieved this month through #LazyBlogging. I’ve been the opposite of lazy, being super proactive with my blog, constantly writing, planning and scheduling posts, as well as keeping tabs on not only my own Twitter account, but the #LazyBlogging Twitter as well. Not only have I seen an increase in my blog views, but my engagement has sky rocketed. The best part about blogging is definitely seeing how people respond to your content, and I can’t tell you how much it means to me when you guys take the time out of your day to not only read my posts, but tell me what you think. I hope you carrying on doing so, as you’re more than welcome on my little corner of the internet.

We’ve got plenty more things planned for LazyBlogging, so I hope you stick around to see what else in in store!

Have you been following #LazyBlogging this past month? I’d love to hear what you thought of it!

This post was a part of the #LazyBlogging project. Have a read of all the posts I wrote this month, as well as Katie and Jess’!

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6 thoughts on “What I Learnt from #LazyBlogging

  1. I love this post! It’s so motivating to hear how productive you’ve been with your blog. Thank you for sharing those tips because I’d love to apply it to my work with my blog. I love my blog, I just need the motivation and the right environment and scheduling for it to be great. Thanks so much for your tips 🙂 Great post!


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