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Even though I’ve always been aware that podcasts exist, I didn’t start properly listening to any until about a year ago – and I’ve never looked back.

Being in a long distance relationship, I have a lot of in-between time spent travelling to and from Sheffield to where my boyfriend lives. Those three and a half hour journeys are long, and there’s only so long I can sit listening to music (though I have spent many-a train journey listening to the Hamilton cast album on repeat). Occasionally I’ll spend my time listening to an audiobook, but podcasts are definitely the best way to pass the time, in my opinion.

They’re so relaxed and conversational, and depending on how good the chemistry is between hosts/guests, it can often feel like you’re just sat chatting with a friend (in a very one-sided manner, of course). I don’t just listen to them when I’m travelling, I’ll also listen to one or two while I’m at work, or even around the house when I’m cleaning or cooking.

I thought I’d share with you all ones that I’ve been loving so far.

Welcome To Our Podcast Mike Falzone & CoffeGirl (Zoja Thaqi)

This is the podcasts that got me into podcasts. I’ve been subscribed to Mike Falzone on YouTube for a few years, and have heard him talk about his podcast before, but never looked into it. Then one day I decided on a whim to download it and listen to it at work the next day, and oh boy, are these two hilarious.

It’s basically 30-45 minutes of Mike and Zoja, an East Coast couple living in LA, talking about life and being hilarious. There are games, impressions, anecdotal funnies, occasional guests, fake segments, and lots and lots of laughter.

Not Too DeepGrace Helbig

Another YouTuber podcast, Not Too Deep is a great interview series that Grace does, chatting to people from the industry – Youtubers, Viners, comedians, musicians, actors… you get the jist. The basic premise being that Grace takes the silliest questions from fans on Twitter, and comes up with some ridiulous ones of her own, and their conversation is not allow to get ‘too deep’.

Of course, it doesn’t always work, and sometimes the conversations do steer themselves towards the deep, but they have no problem bouncing right back. It’s so fun hearing Grace ask some of my favourite internet people who they’d like to throw cold spaghetti at, or to describe their worst pants-shitting story in three words and no elaborations.

Gilmore GuysKevin T. Porter & Demi Adejuyigbe

Possibly my ideal podcast. In case you didn’t gather from my post about my favourite shows of my teens, I’m pretty into Gilmore Girls, some would say obsessed. The basic format is that Kevin, a long-time fan, and Demi, watching it all for the first time, watch every single episode of the show and gab all about it. Pretty much the perfect podcast for me, not to mention that they are hilarious.

They sing the intros to all their segments, they talk about pop culture and go off topic a lot, answer listener questions, and have an amazing line up of guests. From Helen Pai and Sam Phillips (who were the producer and composer of the show), to Jason Mantzoukas (an infamous big fan of the show), to Scott Patterson and Milo Ventimiglia (who were actually in the show as Luke and Jess!!). I’d argue that you could still listen to this even if you don’t watch the show, as there’s a little something in there for everyone.

Best of FriendsErin Mallory Long & Jamie Woodham (and also formally Krista Doyle)

A similar format to Gilmore Guys, the hosts of Best of Friends sit and discuss every episode of Friends ever made. Again, filled with amazing guests, pop culture chats, and general hilarity. Friends is one of my (and let’s be honest, everyone’s) favourite shows, so to have this little audio companion is pretty sweet. Not to mention that I don’t even have go back and watch the episodes they’re talking about because I have pretty much every episode of Friends committed to memory – true story.

Guys We FuckedCorinne Fisher & Krystyna Hutchinson

Now, as wonderful the aforementioned podcasts are, I think I’ve saved the best for last.

I came across this one completely by chance while browsing the iTunes Chart. I was looking for new podcasts to listen to after I had caught up on all my regulars, when this one with it’s racy title caught my eye. I had test-listened to a couple of other podcasts before this one that just didn’t take my fancy, but when you’re faced with an episode titled, “YOU CRASHED YOUR CAR INTO A GIRL & THEN TOOK HER VIRGINITY?” you know you’ve struck gold.

The premise of the show is that the hosts invite guys who they’ve previously had sex with – whether they were a one night stand or a long term relationship – on to the podcast and talk unashamedly about their sexual exploits. Obviously, not every guest is a former sexual partner, with over a hundred episodes and counting, they’ve branched out and also interviewed friends, comedians, porn stars, escorts, rape victims, abortion doctors, and they even had the likes of Amber Rose on the podcast.

Krystyna and Corinne are both stand up comedians, so it’s no duh that they’re hilarious. But what made me fall head over heels in girl-love with them is how openly they talk about sex. Living in Britian (although I’m pretty sure this isn’t just exclusive to the UK), everyone here is very hush-hush about sex. Everyone is obsessed with it, but at the same time, no one really talks about it because everyone is low-key ashamed of their sexuality. So to discover Guys We Fucked was a real treat, here we have two women creating a completely sex-positive environment, rejecting the words ‘whore’ and ‘slut’ and letting girls everywhere know that it’s completely okay to enjoy sex and not be ashamed of saying so. If you want their podcast in a nutshell, go watch the TedTalk they did recently.

Do you listen to any podcasts? Tell me about some of your faves!

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14 thoughts on “5 Podcasts You Should Listen To | #LazyBlogging

  1. Making a note of these immediately! I especially love the ideas behind the podcasts focusing on TV show watching/analysis. I really love Mike Falzone’s podcasts with Steve Zaragoza, Cloverfeels (all about Cloverfield and 10 Cloverfield Lane) and Dynamic Banter, as they always have me in stitches!

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