4 Shows From My Teens | #LazyBlogging

Do you have any particular TV shows that you unashamedly love, even if you know they’re not perfect? That even though they are arguably cheesy and borderline mediocre, you know that you’ll always love them, and always make time for them if you come across a re-run on TV? I’ve complied a small list of TV shows that fill me with nostalgia and give me a sense of the warm fuzzies, as I think back to a simpler time where I didn’t have real-life adult problems to think about.


Created only a year after I was born, I can honestly say that I do not know a life before Friends. It is without a doubt the most iconic, and quotable, sitcoms of all time. Even if you didn’t religiously watch the double bill every night at 8pm on E4, or the current re-runs on Comedy Central, everyone has seen at least some of Friends. And if you haven’t, where the hell have you been? It’s the perfect ensemble cast, with characters you can relate to (even if they aren’t the most diverse in the world). One of my favourite things about growing up watching Friends is understanding all the ‘adult’ jokes they made as I got older. It truly is a gem of a TV show.


Ah, The OC. This was the first teen drama I fell in love with at the tender age of 13. Every character on the show was effortlessly cool, even the nerdy Seth Cohen. This bunch lived such full lives filled with drama and deceit, from drug overdoses to school shootings to alcoholism. Even their parents were in on the action! Little did I know at the time, the actors portraying ‘real’ Californians teen were actually in their twenties, so there was no way I would look like that at 16, and real life isn’t actually filled with such condensed drama in the same town within the space of six months. Still, I thought this show was awesome, and I still passionately sing the theme song whenever it comes on shuffle.


Another one where I still passionately sing every word of the theme song whenever I hear it. One Tree Hill is another unrealistic teen drama that I could never get enough of. Everyone on this show was so angsty, it was perfect viewing for when I was going through my pseudo-emo phase. Peyton Sawyer just spoke to me, ya know? Not to mention I had the hugest crush on Chad Michael Murray. One Tree Hill had something for everyone, indie music, basketball, cheerleaders and nerds living together in harmony (well, almost). Not to mention ALL THE SEX. It was one hell of a sexy show, or at least I thought so, and I could get enough of it in its prime (that being the first 4 seasons, we don’t talk about the later ones).


Gilmore Girls, possibly the warmest blanket of a show ever. I deliberately put this one last because it was the last of these shows I discovered, but oh boy, did it have an impact. It’s by no means an important show that discusses hard hitting topics, but it brings me such comfort which I think it’s super important. I still remember the days of rushing home from school and catching Gilmore Girls on E4+1, then going online to see what people though of my favourite characters and which boyfriend best suited Rory. I think a lot of the time you don’t need thrills, you don’t need high drama, you just need lots of coffee and plentiful pop culture references. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for the revival in November!

What are some of your favourite TV shows from your childhood/teens?

This post is a part of the #LazyBlogging project. Katie is posting again tomorrow and Jess on Wednesday, so check out their most recent posts!

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12 thoughts on “4 Shows From My Teens | #LazyBlogging

  1. Friends for sure!! I always have to watch it when it comes on. And even though I’m not 18 anymore I got into Pretty Little Liars! It got me through staying at home with a newborn!!


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  2. These would all be my top shows from my teens, I still love watching re runs of all of them. I’ve started watching gilmore girls at the moment preparing for the comeback on Netflix

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