Snapshots from Paris.

Cememtery in Montparnasse, with a view of the ‘middle finger of Paris’ aka the Tower of Montparnasse

At the weekend, I took a trip to Paris to visit my mum for her birthday. While the trip itself was fairly low key – I was mainly there just to spend some time with my mum since I hadn’t seen her since Christmas – we still had a good walk around and saw some sights. I’m lucky enough to have visited Paris many times since my mum has moved there, so I’ve done the attractions many times over. It was nice have the opportunity to see some other things other than the Eiffle tower.

I packed pretty light on my trip since I wasn’t staying long, so I didn’t bring my fancy-schmancy DSLR, and made do with my iPhone camera. For an iPhone 5, I’d say the following pictures came out pretty well…


The first day I joined my mum while she ran a few errands. While I was waiting for her when she was at an appointment, I had a stroll around the cemetary at Montparnasse.


On Saturday, we had a pretty chilled day as my mum had to babysit for a friend during the day. In the morning, we spent time strolling aroung the village where my mum lives.


Sunday was mum’s birthday, so as I treat, I got us a ticket to go up the tower of Montparnasse, otherwise known as ‘the middle finger of Paris’, as it sticks out like a sore thumb along the Parisian skyline. However, once you get up to the 56th floor, the view is pretty breath-taking. Unfortunately it was pretty foggy when we went, however you could still see quite far out, which was cool. IMG_5644IMG_5646IMG_5648IMG_5650IMG_5649IMG_5645

Then we rounded of the trip with the Jardins de Luxembourg and saw the pretty fountains and the minecraft-esque trees…


And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed having a peek into my trip. I’ll be getting on the plane again very soon, as in two weeks, my boyfriend and I will be going to Tenerife in the Canary Islands for a week! We’re very excited, and I’m looking forward to sharing more snapshots with you guys soon.

7 thoughts on “Snapshots from Paris.

  1. I loved seeing your photos. You have no idea of how many of these photos brought back memories for me. In October, my Frenchman’s aunt, Daniele Delorme, who was a second mother to both of us passed away. We attended her funeral and she is buried with her husband, Yves Robert in Montparnasse. Your photo of the entrance to the Guerlain boutique brought back one of my finest memories with her. Daniele took me to Guerlain on a shopping spree. I literally felt like Cinderella. I was given the royal treatment and it was an experience that I will never forget.
    I’ll be in France in two weeks but will bypass Paris this time. Thank you for giving me a bit of a layover!

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