I wrote a post last month about how I wanted to make more of an effort to discover new music, and recently, I did just that.

I had a particularly trying day at work. Nothing too horrific, just one of those days where everything seemed overly complicated and nothing was going quite right. At the end of the day, I searched through Apple Music for some music to listen to on my walk back home. I stumbled across a playlist called ‘If You Like… Ellie Goulding’, featuring a bunch of artists who either collaborated with or sound like Ellie Goulding. I had heard most of the songs on this playlist before, but then I heard a song called Solo Dancing, and thus began my introduction to Indiana.


I don’t buy a lot of music (I usually prefer listening to it online on various streaming platforms), but after a few songs, I bought Indiana’s album, No Romeo, right away because I knew that I needed it in my life. I also bought an EP of hers, State of Play, which contains an original single, Blind As I Am, followed by three interesting covers. These include Careless Whisper by George Michael, Jolene by Dolly Parton and Breathe by Blu Cantrell – a random mix, I know. I had already loved all these songs on an individual basis, and these covers just blew my mind. Indiana has a way of stripping a song right down to its core elements and making it sound amazing.

As I explored her catalogue of music, I felt an overwhelming sense of calm. And as someone who deals with anxiety on a daily basis, this is a very good thing. Indiana describes her music as “menacing and emotional electronica with 80s-inspired synths and haunting vocals”, and I couldn’t put it better myself. She cites her musical influences as The XX, The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, Portishead and Gary Newman, which you can definitely hear. Indiana’s music is very relaxing, and despite the fact that it’s very electronic and synth-y, it’s also done in a way that’s not too overwhelming. Her dulcet, echoing vocals are very much the focal point, and it’s very soothing.


Indiana (known as Laura Henson in her daily life) was discovered by Grammy-nominated musician John Beck after she posted a cover of one of his compositions on YouTube. Together, they wrote the song Blind As I Am, which landed her in the semi-finals of live music competition Future Sound of Nottingham. She’s since performed at Glastonbury and on BBC Radio One, and her debut album No Romeo reached number 17 on the UK Album Chart in February 2015. She’s got two kids and runs her own clothing label, Some Kind of Nature, and judging by her social media, she’s got some new material in the works.

I’ve definitely stumbled across a new favourite artist, I think. And if any of my rambling sounded at all appealing, then I suggest that you check her out on Spotify, Apple Music or YouTube (or whatever your prefered streaming may be).

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