International Women’s Day 2016.

Today, 8th March 2016, is International Women’s Day. It’s a day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women. It’s a time to look back on all that we have achieved, from the right to vote, to the equal pay act, and to celebrate the little victories we earn every day.

But there’s still a lot to fight for. Globally, women’s education, health and violence towards women is still worse than that of men. As a woman living in the western world, I have access to many opportunities that women in other parts of the world do not, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t take that for granted sometimes. There are women and girls out there who don’t have access to free education, who are forced into arranged marriages, who are sold to slavery or sex trafficking, who simply don’t have a voice. IWD is about women from all walks of life coming together to force the world to recognise these inequalities.

Because gender inequality is both a men and women’s issue. As well as helping and supporting women, we need to break down societal pressures that men face to constantly be aggressive and not show weakness. Bringing men into the conversation on IWD and gender equality takes a step toward breaking down the expectations bestowed on both genders.

In celebration of today, I have complied some of my favourite quotes from some inspirations females. Enjoy!

All images made with the Over app.

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